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What's a virtual tour?
Virtual tours are interactive images that allow viewers to virtually walk through your space, look up at the ceiling, down at the floor, and turn 360° around.
What kind of equipment do you use to create the virtual tours?
I use an ultra-high-resolution full frame Sony camera, with Canon L-series lens, along with a no-parallax-point head. This system is more expensive, and requires more expertise as compared to "single-shot" 360° cameras (like Ricoh Theta, Insta360, Matterport, etc.), but the results are worth it. My images are sharper, higher-resolution, with finer detail.
How does this work; what's the process?
  • Shoot Day I visit your location and shoot the photos, which usually takes less than an hour, depending on location size. This can be done during normal business hours, though ideally it's best to shoot when there are few or no people at the space (other than staff).
  • Share The Tour 360° photos can be shared on Google Maps/Street View, Facebook, and your website.
How to import Demo site?
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Where to start customizing the theme ?
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