360 Degrees of Everything Is Terrible!

Documentation of work by the art collective known as Everything Is Terrible!

Everything Is Terrible! Store

EIT! now has a brick-and-mortar store, located in East Los Angeles, California. I shot a virtual tour of the interior (left), as well as the photos that accompanied a Daily Beast article about the store.
Everything Is Terrible store facade, East Los Angeles. Photo by Jim Newberry.

Jerry Store

For a couple weeks in January, 2016, EIT! opened a "video store," at iam8bit gallery, stocked with thousands of VHS tapes, all the same title: Cameron Crowe's 1996 Tom Cruise movie, Jerry Maguire.

The group is planning to construct a Jerry Maguire Pyramid, made up of Jerry tapes, somewhere in the desert.

The Art of Everything Is Terrible!'s The Great Satan

iam8bit gallery exhibited costumes from EIT!'s live show, The Great Satan, in October, 2018.

Jerry Pyramid

In 2016, I collaborated on a photo shoot with EIT!, involving a pyramid of Jerrys (not the big one) and an enthusiastic fan.

One of the finished shots below, and 360° shot (right) of the EIT crew during the pyramid setup.
click for big version!