Grand Ave Augmented

I was thrilled to be a participating artist with Grand Ave Augmented in Los Angeles, "...a pioneering AR experience showcasing the major cultural institutions, properties, and public spaces of Grand Avenue." (Hosted and developed by DCBID on the app Hoverlay, produced by Cassie Lujan).

Here's a brief glimpse behind the scenes at one of my 360 shoots.
LA Opera
Views inside the LA Opera theater, showing set for Lucia di Lammermoor, designed by Lizzie Clachan.

U.S. Bank Tower Helipad

Atop the U.S. Bank Tower in Downtown Los Angeles.
Cromosaturación by Carlos Cruz-Diez at MOCA
Here is an art installation created in 1965 by Carlos Cruz-Diez, titled Cromosaturación, at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles. (This virtual tour created in 2022.)
The Grand LA
The Grand LA, a residential tower in Downtown Los Angeles, designed by Frank Gehry.
Museum Tower
On Grand Avenue, Downtown Los Angeles.